27 thoughts on “How to Insert Page Numbers in OpenOffice.org”

  1. I’m a high school teacher; essays are due today and I just used this to let a student know how to correctly format her paper. You’re right: it’s *very* non-obvious. I love blog entries like this that are short, sweet, and to the point.

    Any idea of how to change the measurement of the margins from centimeters to inches? I’ve been fumbling around with that for a while and haven’t found it. I’m also trying to find how to set the default indent (when pressing the TAB key) to half an inch and can’t seem to stumble over that, either.

  2. Any idea of how to start numbering pages not from the beginning of the document?

    If you do, please let me know by email đŸ˜‰


  3. Thank you for making this more clear. I used in the finalizing of an important document.

    If you have more questions that could use answer like this come bug me for .

  4. I also am looking for a way to not place the number on page 1. I want p. 2 to be #2 but don’t know how to eliminate the numbering on p. 1 without losing all the numbering.

  5. i had to look it up, and i have been using open office for a year. its very stupid how they did it, anyone have a patch that updates stuff like this?

  6. Thanks, however when I insert Page Number in footer, it display word “Page Number”. And I type in footer: 1 and next page also display 1. I don’t know how to fix this problem, please help me! Thank you very much.

  7. To offset the page number count. IE starting counting from page 2, follow the instructions given above and then double click on the page number (on any page) this then brings up some additional offset simply set the offset to -1 (or whatever suits your needs) this then sets the page count to start from the second page.

  8. Well you must be very proud of yourself…and who told you you could eat my cookies?! Put that cookie down! NOW!

  9. To insert page number in Open Office, try:

    1. Insert->Footer->Default (if you want it in footer, if you want it in the header, try Insert-> Header->Default)
    2. Insert, Fields, Page Number

    If you want to start the page number to start on a different number say page 20, do:

    1. Locate your cursor on the first paragraph where you want the page to start renumbering
    2. then go Format->Paragraph->Text Flow
    3. look for the Breaks, check Insert, and check “With Page Style”, then indicate your desired “Page Number”

    Your solution about Page Offsets does not work beyond +3. I think it is a bug.

    Hope that helps.

  10. I still can’t figure out the page numbers!! I would like to start the page numbers, with page number 1, but on the document it is the fourth page… I would also like this to correspond with my table of contents…

    Thanks to anybody who can help me figure this (should be very easy task!) out!


  11. here is a quick way

    do this

    then place ur cursor in the foot box

    page number

    then u can center it and u are set for a research paper or anything else! just had to do it!

    thanks guys!

  12. Thank you very much! You just saved my life. We share the same experience with OpenOffice.

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